Chicago Housing Authority

CHA is the largest owner of rental housing in the city of Chicago, providing homes to more than 50,000 families and individuals, while supporting healthy communities in neighborhoods all across the city. CHA has almost 9,500 apartments in buildings designated for seniors and more than 7,000 units of family housing. It also oversees the administration of 35,000 Housing Choice Vouchers that allow low-income families to rent in the private market.

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CHA Resident Services

CHA's Plan for Transformation is much more than bricks and mortar. It's also about supporting families as they strive for self-sufficiency.

Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) Housing

As the largest owner of rental property in Chicago, CHA offers a variety of housing opportunities for low-income families and senior citizens...

Chicago Housing Authority's Family Housing Wait List Information

Please view the FAQs listed on the CHA website for information on what happens next or any additional questions.